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Baseball Wordle

Baseball Wordle named Pickle is an actual Wordle-type spinoff, this is a different game entirely. this one is cool too though, i'll be playing it for sure. Baseball wordle

How to play Baseball wordle?

Baseball Wordle is a game that all baseball fans around the world can enjoy.

From a list of Major League Baseball (MLB) players in the United States, MLB pickles are picked at random. MLB Pickle is a free word game where you try to guess the name of an MLB player. You have nine chances to get it right.

If you type in the first letter of the player's name, you'll see many options. When the color of the cells changes, we'll know more about what's going on.

Green means that the information is correct.

The yellow predictions are about right. You can choose other team members, people the same age as you, or people who were born near where you were born.